GameReverb 3/15 – Tomb Raider and God of War Ascension Are Awesome Nuff Said Now Listen To The Show

In this weeks episode of GameReverb we jump into Lara Croft’s latest adventure of Tomb Raider and from the consensus of our impressions this is a must buy title and certainly a bonafide return to greatness for gaming’s most celebrated heroine.

Sony also brings their Spartan Titan back to the scene with the recent release of God of War Ascension. Sony Santa Monica Studios spares no assets offering one of the most EPIC adventures in the God of War pedigree delivering a prequel I personally could not put down. I give my in-depth look into the series and why Ascension is very much a relevant experience that must be played. For more on God of War Ascension please read our full written review.

EA is still rehabbing from their SimCity woes – we dive into the potential of their upcoming new free content. In addition, it appears there’s a new Star Wars game on the horizon, no we’re not referring to Star Wars 1313. A leak has been identified and GameInsider gives you the skinny on it relevancy.

Looking at our latest news updates, the OUYA slated for its official June release has been making headlines as it has been announced that at launch the new system will not come equipped with all of its promised bells and whistles. We discuss in detail those features which will not be initially included at launch.

We discuss all this and much more in this latest episode of GameReverb.

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