DESTINY GDC Presentation Reflects On The World and Its Influences – See The Amazing DESTINY Art In Motion

To infinty and beyond is the message we walk away with from BUNGIE’s GDC Destiny Presentation

For the millions of already excited BUNGIE fans clamoring for anything surrounding the developers new DESTINY megaton shooter, the recent GDC reveal has quenched a thirst for the time being. Of course this will be short-lived, but thankfully E3 is just  around the corner.

Personally I didn’t know what to expect from BUNGIE prior to the insightful GDC presentation. Would they really reveal some form of gameplay or give us a barrage of slides filled with unimpressive developer jargon? Ultimately BUNGIE played it smart, educating the audience with answered questions on how to share the idea of ownership of a project down the development tree to shedding light on many of the key influences shaping the universe of DESTINY.

Like a master story-teller, BUNGIE is leaving much in the hands of the fans and their imagination. Filled with beautiful conceptual art slides, BUNGIE’s GDC presentation was in harmony with their DESTINY message since the game was initially revealed and in a strange way this is more than enough. Sure, I would love for BUNGIE to blow my eyebrows back with an amazing 10 minute gameplay sequence of Earths Guardians in an intense firefight with the likes of the Fallen however, the idea of somehow gradually maturing alongside the project seems more lasting, more rewarding, better complimenting the end result with us enlisted as a Guardian on our console of choice.

The most exciting quote from the GDC presentation, “We’re not going all over the Galaxy but the Solar System”…….”Not yet!”

Goosebump my friends, serious goosebumps.

If you missed the DESTINY GDC presentation or would like to dive into the new and amazing conceptual art from the world of DESTINY head on over to our DESTINY hub, brace yourself, there’s a lot there, enjoy!

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