Unreal Engine 4 ‘Infiltration’ Tech Demo – Making the Wait for Next-Gen Consoles Ever Harder

Epic Games is at it again with their most recent Unreal Engine 4 tech demo entitled ‘Infiltration’. In a word, amazing….something you’ll quickly discover once you dive into this new video footage. Epic Games recently expressed that their coveted Unreal Engine 4 tech will only be used for next-generation hardware (PS4, PC and Xbox 720/Durango) with the intentions of fully optimizing the tech with little to no limitations from current-gen consoles. While many Nintendo loyalist would considered the Wii U a next-generation system, Epic Games has made it clear, their approach with Unreal Engine 4 begs to differ.

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  • Tell me about it, this looks B-A-N-A-N-A-S. All of the detail that went into the main character alone looks like it would be more than what current game engines could handle. The shot at the end really made me just GASP!

  • Knowing that very soon game of this visual quality will be playable is truly exciting! By the way Drew, great Destiny write up – What’s Destiny’s “End Game?” http://theguardiansofdestiny.com/#!/2013/03/31/whats-destinys-end-game/ – loved it!

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