Xbox One Already Fighting An Uphill Battle Against The $399 PS4 Bargain

xps4console.jpg.pagespeed.ic.tTg8YLsfslSony today unveiled the PlayStation 4 hardware design at its annual E3 Media & Business Summit press conference, where the company announced its next-generation platform launching in the US for $399 this holiday season. In addition, SCEA showcased an extensive line-up of exclusive first and third party content for the PS4, PS Vita and PS3 as well as a next-generation PlayStation Plus membership program.

Celebrating the support of PS Plus on the PS4 system, Sony also announced the amazing offer of the PS4 exclusive, DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition to Plus members in the Instant Game Collection. In addition, one digital title will be rotated each month, including three of the new digital games introduced during the PlayStation E3 press conference, Don’t Starve, Outlast, and Secret Ponchos. These three titles will be available at no extra cost via the Instant Game Collection during the first year following the launch of the PS4 system. PS Plus members will be able to enjoy a variety of other amazing PS4 titles, while enjoying new ways to share their experiences with friends via online multiplayer, broadcasting and spectating games, cross-game voice chat, and the ability to seamlessly join a friend’s online game. With all of this and more added to the Playstation user experience, it would be understandable if someone asked themselves “why should I dish out an extra $100 bucks for an Xbox One when all the signs point at the system not being a consumer first platform”.

microsoft-xbox-oneGranted, Microsoft certainly came out guns-blazing during their reveal, however all across the net it has been hard not to find a self-proclaimed Xbox 360 disciple who at this point in time is considering jumping ship for greener pastures on team Playstation. Walking away from what has been revealed so far and both Sony and Microsoft are pulling out all stops in positioning their platforms as the console of choice. If we have learned anything from our past experiences we should realize that for the gaming consumer it is all about what has been done for us lately to which Sony has answered the call with an attractive price point and a great arsenal of titles while keeping their approach business as usual.

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  • Big K

    Will the PS4 be able to play PS3 games? That is going to be fairly important for me since I enjoy the titles I own on PS3

  • Hey Big K, unfortunately you will not be able to take your PS3 games discs and play them in your new PS4 due to the systems new architecture. To somewhat remedy this shortcoming, Sony is introducing Gaikai to users which allows you to literally stream all PS1, PS2 and PS3 games over Wi-Fi.

  • Big K

    SERIOUSLY “D”!!!! That’s great news, I’ll actually be able to play black! I might seriously consider it.

  • E-Stone

    I hope you try to maintain neutrality in your reporting….

  • Lemondish

    There’s a few caveats at this point, though. The cloud streaming service will be ready sometime in 2014, and there’s no information yet on the breadth of the library or how you would go about accessing it.

    My hopes are that Sony turns it into a sort of Netflix for games.

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