E3 2013: Killzone Shadow Fall Playable On PS Vita Confirmed

While an earlier update confirmed by SCE Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida via Twitter indicating that all PS4 game will be mandatory Remote Play enabled to be played across the PS Vita, Guerrilla Games studio  head Herman Hulst takes this validation a step further.

Speaking with Adam Sessler from REV3 Games, Hulst elaborated on the launch direction PS4 users can expect for Killzone Shadow Fall this holiday season,

“Basically everything that’s available at launch we will make available, PlayGo is a big one right, so you download a level and you start playing so we’ll support that, Remote Play, you can play it on the Vita, you’ll do that…”

PS Vita users eagerly awaiting the arrival of Killzone Mercenary who plan on becoming early PS4 adopters can now expect to play not one, but two Killzone titles this year on the PS Vita when they pick up their copy of Killzone Shadow Fall.






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