First Sanctum 2 DLC Expansion Pack To Launch On Steam June 26

Renowned indie development team Coffee Stain Studios announced today that the first DLC expansion pack for Sanctum 2 will release on June 26th for PC via Steam.  As the first of four major DLC expansion packs planned for the tower-defense/first-person shooter hybrid, Road to Elysion features new explosive weaponry, impressive tower additions and enhanced enemies, as well as an additional mysterious playable character revealing a darker Sanctum 2 storyline.

Road To Elysion Expansion Pack Key Features:

New Playable Character – The DLC storyline centers around TSYGAN, a new shadowy playable character.
New Weapons – Two weapons have been added including the rapid-firing Gatling Laser.
New Tower Options – Two new towers, including the Range Spire, that dramatically increases the range of nearby offensive towers.
Four Additional Unique Maps – Four brand new maps with refreshing interactive elements add exciting new tactics to each DLC level.
Enhanced Enemies – From new support monsters that heal and mutate the attacking horde to a brand new aerial enemy boss, players should be prepared for this heightened challenge.
Additional Perks – Customize your character even more with six awesome new perks, including a perk that gives you a pet robot that will fight for you!

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