Microsoft Serious About Cloud Computing For Xbox One With $1 Billion Dollar Investment

cloudboxoneWith an aggressive push to put their money where their mouth is, Microsoft has been given an approved tax credit limit for $20 millions dollars for a lofty investment of $700 million invested in a data center in West Des Moines, Iowa. It has also been reported via an update that the manufacturing titan has now invested a whopping $1 billion dollars into the new data center. Why you ask? Let’s just say Microsoft has some more than ambitious plans for cloud computing as an integral part of their Xbox gaming and feature experiences attributed to their new Xbox One all-in-one entertainment device.

At the moments it is believed that Microsoft is employing just over 50 employees at the facility. It is also widely understood that accomplishing significant results from cloud computation is heavily dependent on the end user’s bandwidth which has serious bottle-necking implications. Despite this fact, Microsoft has heavily invested into this initiative with a extensive server farm expansion of over three hundred thousand actual servers. Recently, developer Respawn Entertainment expressed that cloud computing via the Xbox One has giving their upcoming new shooter ‘Titanfall’ and increased performance over it’s PC counterpart. To what extent we don’t yet know. However, it will be interesting to see just how impressive Microsoft can exploit both their exclusive and multiplatform titles with their cloud computing push.

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