Twitch TV Streaming Enabled For PS4? War Thunder Update Hints at This Possibility

twitchWar Thunder, a next generation MMO combat game developed by Gaijin Entertainment, now enables live broadcasting to Twitch. At the touch of a button, War Thunder players can now stream directly to their Twitch channel. For optimum presentation, they can customize the quality and resolution of the stream up to Full HD.

War Thunder’s recent global update 1.31 featured highly anticipated social components including Twitch and Facebook functionality alongside new planes, maps and numerous improvements to the gameplay. Beginning today, every War Thunder virtual pilot can easily align their Twitch channel to their War Thunder account, as well as customizing the broadcast quality and enabling commentary during broadcasts, so they can live stream instantly at the click of a button.

War Thunder is also coming to the PS4 console exclusively at the moment, alongside the PC and iOS and the obvious question now is whether or not PS4 users will also be able to stream their gameplay to Twitch TV? This latest update does not specifically point out that Twitch is not coming to the PS4. While Sony has been seriously pushing UStream as their aligned streaming connection for the PS4, no official word has been announced concerning Twitch TV on the Sony platform.

Could this be an early hint of Twitch TV coming to the PS4 as well, please let us know in the comments below.

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