Forza 5 Dev: Xbox One DVR Bringing True User-Generated Content

Lead game designer for Forza Motorsport 5 Rhett Mathis speaking with OXM explains why the Xbox One’s DVR and footage-sharing capabilities which is similar to those found in games like Skyrim and GTA 4,will give rise to a new breed of user-generated content on consoles

“That is a form of UGC,” he stated, “because I have tremendous creativity I can put into it and it can be captured with a capture card. Now with DVR, that becomes true UGC, because I can use the system from Fable, I can use the system from Grand Theft Auto to create moments that were never planned by anybody, and then share them.”

He continued, “The strength of a team that’s worked in UGC for ten years as such is that we don’t actually predict what they’re going to do. We’re going to just open it up knowing its going to surprise us. The system is living and breathing and organic and its going to do things we didn’t expect. And what we expect is really exciting to us, but what we don’t expect is where the real magic is going to happen.”

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