‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place’ DLC Launched for Alien Spidy on Xbox LIVE Arcade

Kalypso Media Digital today released the second DLC for the action plat-former Alien Spidy. The new Between a Rock and a Hard Place DLC unlocks three more ‘Special’ levels which are set to test your reflexes and timing to the very extreme. The Between a Rock and a Hard Place DLC is available now on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 160 Microsoft Points (other formats to follow soon).

Three new challenges await as you return to the Forest, Ponds and Caves, but this time there is no mercy! In the Forest, the smallest mistake will send you right back to the start in this tricky and unforgiving level. Do you have the skills to navigate our hero to the end? Determination and quick reflexes are what you need to prevail when you are dropped back in to the depths of the underwater Caves. Treacherous wind tunnels, deadly floating spores and unstable stalactites are just a few of the obstacles standing between Spidy and freedom!

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