PS4 Advantages: Great Value with Clear Cut Edge Over The Competition At The Moment

It has been said that “it is better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it”, a wise saying which seems to be echoed in Sony’s approach to their next-gen flagship PS4 console. Sparring no expense on features in an effort on being crystal clear in how their new platform stacks up against the competition, Sony it seems has had the psychological edge on the next-generation front ever since E3.

While Microsoft has shown they will change their course of action in order to remain competitive and viable on the gaming scene by doing a 180 on their highly criticized DRM initiative, offer ‘Games with Gold’ for a limited time to appease Live users from the distraction of PS Plus and self-publishing position for the indie community, it is fair to say, Sony has played a major role in forcing Microsoft’s hand. Since E3 Sony has been on the offense at every stop, detailing hardware specs and capabilities with system engineer Mark Cerny taking the lead followed by performance contrasts to the Xbox One also in Sony’s favor.

PS4HeadsetBoth the PS4 and the Xbox One seem more than capable of meeting our gaming and entertainment needs for the next- generation, yet Sony’s objective feature list of the PS4 continues to reveal more value and bells and whistles at a more affordable price point making it simply too hard for gamers to ignore. A recent update from Access Playstation reveals PS4 users will be able to have a friends list of 2000 users. With the current PS3 friends list limited to 100, the idea of 2000 does appear to be overkill, but whose complaining. In fact Microsoft revealed their friends list for the Xbox One which is limited to 1000. Of course  this also seems like more than enough friends to engage your online gaming needs yet, that’s what we said about 250 GB of HDD space. In addition, the next-generation platforms will be able to video stream live, a feature many gamers are hit and miss about. While Microsoft has revealed their live video streaming service to offer up to 5 minutes of streaming via the Xbox One, Sony’s PS4 goes the extra mile allowing for up to 15 minutes of live video streaming.

Sony will also bundle each PS4 with a headset in an effort to promote their new systems social connectivity. If you decide you don’t like the bundled PS4 headset, all PS3 headsets are compatible with the PS4 while all bluetooth ready headsets or earpieces work seamlessly with the system as well. Microsoft on the other hand has announced they will not bundle a headset with the system for the moment as the Kinect 2.0 device comes bundled with each Xbox One console with voice recognition technology. Xbox One is not bluetooth ready and Xbox 360 users cannot use their current gaming headsets without the use of an Xbox One adapter. Microsoft however, has announced that a proprietary headset for the Xbox One will be available at launch.


A major selling point and key advantage to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service this generation was its ability of allowing users to engage and communicate across applications and games via the cross-game party chat feature. However, now that Sony will be offering this service which will not be placed behind a paywall (among other services) allowing PS4 users to simply jump in and start party chatting it up across the all apps and game titles with no restrictions, gives this service advantage to Sony.

The Xbox One by all accounts is a more than capable platform with a unique and incredible set of Kinect TV features which translates into a great option for gamers. Microsoft though has been on the defense since the system was initially revealed trying to prove to the gaming world that if Sony can do it or has it, so do we and this needs to change. Viewing the current advantages of the PS4 and one has to ask themselves whether Microsoft will continue to react to Sony’s played PS4 hand. Will we eventually see Microsoft add more users to their Live friends list, up their users video streaming time, somehow allow cross game party chat to be removed behind the paywall? While these would undoubtedly be great updates for early Xbox One adopters, continuing to respond to Sony in this fashion only paints a more compelling picture of desperation while Microsoft bends to the will of the competition all before the launch of their more expensive platform.

Sure, it can certainly be said that Sony is offering cross game party chat because of the success of Xbox Live, bundling a headset with every PS4 like the Xbox 360 and we definitely understand that Trophies might not be in play on PSN without the popularity of Achievements on Live. While it is no doubt the same, the perceptions are completely different. Is it a bad thing to offer the same service as your competitor, of course not. However, it does appear to be more of a profound approach when Microsoft makes these reactions to counter Sony’s PS4 initiative all within less than one year of the of the Xbox One launch after these policies have been set in stone while maintaining a higher price point. I completely understand Microsoft’s aim to have no stone left unturned as we head into the exciting holiday months, yet when your system cost $100 more than the competition you really can’t afford to be just on par.

Ultimately when it comes to gaming systems the truth is, more, oftentimes translates into better. The more exclusive titles, the more valued features, the most apps, the more capable hardware, more free games, the list goes on and on.

At launch both next-gen platforms should be flying off retail shelves at a frequent pace with gamers quickly becoming indoctrinated into their platform of choice. For the moment the PS4 feature advantages and price point appear to be a tough act to follow, but this is probably nothing that the perception of a price reduced Xbox One and extended “Games with Gold”  update couldn’t remedy.

What do you think, does the PS4 clearly have the edge going into the holiday months and does it make Microsoft look weak by seemingly copying Sony PS4 policies in order to stay competitive? Let us know your thoughts.

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  • Tigger

    PS4’s won, even before it’s begun, this is coming from a 360-Diehard fan, so that’s saying something.

  • While the article does point out some key PS4 advantages, the Xbox One does have the luxury of a great install base of 360 users and depending on their level of loyalty many of these users will probably overlook the $100 increase price point in favor of continuing to enjoy their currently Live friends and Achievements acquired on the 360. Of course this same argument can be positioned for the current PS3 install base as well. Ultimately when the smoke begins to settle and the hardcore have made their purchases, the $100 price point edge, equivalent network features not behind the paywall and robust list of exclusive software offered on the PS4 will more than likely give Sony the market share advantage when the casual begins looking at the best option to match their budget.

  • Owl

    PS4 is definitely the choice for casual gamers. The server infrastructure (the cloud) from Microsoft is something that can target hardcore gamers moving forward. Whether its a more stable online experience, dedicated servers for most multiplayer games and the ability to set up tournaments for competitive gamers— the XBox One seems to be the go-to choice.

    On paper the PS4 seems to have a little bit more powerful hardware. This is not taking into account DirectX 11.2 (exclusive on Windows 8/XBox One) and tiled resources. But if someone is going to buy based just on specs, then do yourself a favor and go buy a PC. Right now the XBox One seems to be providing the most unique kind of experience to date on consoles. Time will tell if that potential is ever tapped and actualized.

  • E-Stone

    Can Microsoft get any love from Game Insider??? Me and Chris was just talking about you Sunday and lo and behold you drop this article… right on cue…
    Good Lord man, are you actually selling PS4’s on Game Insider??? That Sony blood line runs deep. 🙂

  • Can Microsoft get any love from Game Insider, lol! That’s interesting…of course there is no need to defend Game Insider’s position on the exciting gaming forecast being ushered in with the Xbox One and PS4 along with all the new titles we’re excited to get our hands on for both next-gen platforms.

    So I fail to understand what kind of ‘love’ you’re referring to. If you mean support, you may want to refer to but a few of the the various updates we’ve covered referring to the Xbox One’s amazing new titles such as – or or or platform updates such as or or however, here is something for you to consider, while the idea of value is dependent on the individual’s own need and desires, two evenly played products with on par assets to naked eye, the deciding factor of the price point ultimately becomes more profound. However, I also understand that loyal fans of a particular platform are passionate and can sometimes feel inflamed when anything which seems remotely negative about their platform of choice is threatened. E-Stone please remember that the Xbox One and the PS4 will undoubtedly be supported with a critical eye at Game Insider.

  • E-Stone

    It just appears from a Game Insider perspective the PS4 is the second coming and Sony has blessed the world with the best system in video game history, that’s the feeling I get when reading a lot of the articles.

    What critical analysis has been given to the PS4 thus far? Is everything the PS4 doing that good???

    Also, is it the responsibility of a video game website to always compare the 2 systems from a fanboy perspective? 1000 friends list versus 2000 friends list??? Really?

    How about the reason why Sony all of a sudden is changing their entire personality this time around from being arrogant bastards to humble servants??? Is it genuine? Will they go back to their old selves once things get rolling??? Is a lower priced Playstation compared to the competition a ‘red flag'(something that’s never happened in the history of Sony since they have been making video game systems!) or should we assume ‘it’s all good’

    I realize pricing is an easy thing to target but a cheaper price doesn’t necessarily mean a better system in all cases. A good example is Apple Computers. I am a big fan of Apple products, I have a Mac Pro and Apple’s prices are ALWAYS more expensive then it’s competitors yet it doesn’t hurt Apple in sales and customers feel it’s worth it- maybe Microsoft has the same confidence in their Xbox One like Apple has in it’s products as well as Xbox customers. Is that so wrong???

    It’s these types of questions that should be looked into instead of cheerleading- these are examples of critical analysis.

    What about Microsofts good intentions but failed communications to their fans (which does not include Sony fanboys) Most people who prefer Xbox over Sony understood Microsoft’s intentions but it was lost amongst the negative backlash. Obviously Microsoft realized their errors and has backpedaled but NOT because of Sony as much as you’d like to think, it was more to do with Microsoft’s stupidity with communicating their vision. I’ve read a ton of articles elsewhere bringing this point to light. A lot of people applauded their vision but as we all know, perception is everything and Microsoft’s perception was destroyed via their own doing.

    If I read an article and the writer appears pessimistic towards company A and totally confident towards company B that’s not good.

    As you know, I’m a big fan of Game Insider and I tell as many people as I can about it but we have to try harder at being stuarts of the VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY and not just fans of systems. As a matter of fact, the Wii just crossed the one hundred million units sold threshold…. an amazing accomplishment worth noting for Nintendo.

    P.S. I am not one to get ‘INFLAMED’, I am one to get intrigued which is dependent upon what I read or see or play. Everyone has their preferred system of choice but some of us choose to be blatantly obvious about it.
    As we enter a brand new era of video game play and technology my focus is on which company is investing their energy on taking GAME PLAY to another level EVERYTHING ELSE takes a backseat: Social Media, Video Clips, New Controllers, Newer versions of OLD GAMES, getting free PAST THEIR PRIME/OLD games, NEWER versions of OLD GAMES (did i say that already?)
    All of this is nice but pales in comparison to what is truly important and that’s GAMEPLAY and honestly with total one hundred percent subjectiveness, Microsoft is the only company that seems to put that aspect first but NO ONE seems to care about that and I find that very ‘inflaming’.


  • E-Stone

    LOL! I meant to type ‘total one hundred percent objectiveness’- my meaning i’m trying to convey is i’m being unbiased. LOL!

  • The article above objectively illustrates a few key features that are at the moment aligned with the PS4. There are many options attached to these next-gen consoles, yet it is no secret that Sony is currently in the driver seat when it comes to next-gen pre-orders. So the question we’ve decided to ask is why. Of course there are many reasons why pre-orders reflect a higher yield in favor of the PS4, so the article attempts to reflects those objective advantages.

    As a refresher to those advantages we pointed out the $100 price advantage, bundled headset(PS3/bluetooth headset compatibility), 2000 limit friends list, free cross game party chat and the 15 minutes of live video streaming. Again, these are not Game Insider opinions, these are facts and features that for the moment could make a strong case for why the PS4 reflects a higher market value as reflected by pre-orders from major online retailers.

    Making the case that we are pro-Sony or biased because the article reflects objective PS4 advantages which Sony themselves have implemented, quite possibly reveals your true bias. There is a vast difference between a fact and being bias or being objective as opposed to being subjective. For example, if this article was based on next-gen launch titles stating that the PS4 has more value because it has a ‘Better’ lineup, that is clearly a case of being bias or subjective. This is not what this article reflects. But here’s another interesting view, if someone considers a ‘Fact’, such as a cheaper price point or a feature which offers the equivalent experience not associated with a payment requirement unlike the competing product such as cross game party chat to being bias, unfortunately this is a clear case of someone who doesn’t want their favorable platform to be looked upon negatively.

    On a more personal note, something you might find that would stroke your Xbox One enthusiasm, we are currently looking at the key advantages of the Xbox One which give it an edge over the PS4. Objectively of course.

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