Skydive: Proximity Flight Soaring Onto PSN and Xbox Live This Fall – Watch The New Trailer Inside

Gaijin Entertainment announced that Skydive: Proximity Flight will be soaring onto PSN and Xbox LIVE this fall. Inspired by the extreme sport of base jumping, Skydive: Proximity Flight is a downloadable extreme sports game that uses gamepad or motion controller technology that puts players inside the wingsuit for exhilarating skydiving experiences.

With actual wingsuit flying, the suit restricts your motion, and the terrain can threaten your safety. In Skydive: Proximity Flight, your movements are completely unrestricted. With help of motion controllers such as PlayStation Move or Kinect for Xbox 360 you can use your body movements to speed up, maneuver, and soar through the air, like real skydiver. Learn mid-air tricks that only professional skydivers can do, or make up your own tricks alone or with friends. Lose yourself in this exciting airborne adventure with realistic graphics, precise sounds, and stunning aerial landscapes. Check out the new gameplay trailer mixing the real-world with the video game experience

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