Sony Offering A “crazy announcement” Tomorrow According To God of War II Director

Getting right to the point, the uber-talented God of War 2 director Cory Barlog has tweeted:

“Check out the playstation blog tomorrow – I heard they have a crazy announcement.” 

By the gods of Olympus, what could this possibly mean? Well, I guess there is no need to call upon the gods seeing that Olympus is pretty much vacant these days as Kratos saw to much of its key inhabitants quick exit.

large_Question-mark-sony-thumb-largeAre we to assume that Cory Barlog has been quietly working on a tight lipped project for the PS4 or could there be a grand game announcement for the PS Vita. I would of course love to hear that Cory and the gang (what gang?) has been working on Heavenly Sword 2. With hints at Crystal Dynamics surfacing, maybe a new eye-popping Tomb Raider could be gracing the Vita or these assumptions are completely off the mark…what about an announcement surrounding the new IP from Guerrilla Games, or how about the epic return of the Legacy of Kain series with Naughty Dog director and script write Amy Henning helping with the project.

Who knows, maybe it’s not a game announcement at all.  What do you think, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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