Mars War Log Landing On PSN Tomorrow – Watch Preview Trailer Inside

The new sci-fi action RPG, Mars War Logs from Spiders Studio will be available on PSN tomorrow August 13th, taking you to a never-before-seen version of the Red Planet.

Mars War Logs is the story of Roy Temperance and Innocence Smith. One’s a renegade technomancer, and the other was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s a tale of friendship, resistance, and freedom.

As explained on the official Playstation Blog; On Mars, resources are scarce and technological advancements are rare. There are very few examples guns and advanced weaponry out there, so players will find themselves crafting and customizing their equipment with salvaged items from throughout the world. That also means fights can get real close, and a little dirty.

We offer a range of possibilities when you need to use your firsts instead of your words. Players can charge in and attack head on, or sneak around and get behind enemies for silent takedowns. Alternatively, players can use Roy’s technomancer powers and blow away enemies in a storm of electricity. Even with all these options, though, we tried to make sure battles are challenging so every victory feels like a reward.

For more on Mars War Log check out the first 7 minutes on the game.

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