Aarklash: Legacy Going To Gamesom 2013 – Watch the New Trailer Inside

Aarklash: Legacy, the next tactical adventure game from Cyanide Studio, will be available worldwide on Thursday September 12th, 2013. In preparation for Gamescom, Cyanide also unveils the latest gameplay trailer as more details have been revealed today on the upcoming tactical RPG.

The new trailer introduces players to the game’s world and combat system. Players will also discover the different characters that can join the party, as well as some of the enemies to be encountered along the way.

Traversing the fantasy world of Aarklash and player will discover the fate of the last mercenary “Wheel Swords.” Customize skills, experiment with different tactics and strategies, and collect artifacts to advance on the quest. Ultimately, promote synergy between companions and lift the veil on the odious plot against them.

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