Gamescom 2013: All-New PS4 War Thunder Gameplay Trailer

Gaijin Entertainment reveals yet another bombastic aerial trailer encounter with the PS4 free to play title, WAR THUNDER taken from Gamescom 2013 where Sony has just recently concluded their presser. This new trailer for WAR THUNDER showcases more of the hot new gameplay waiting to be experienced when the PS4 launches November 15.

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  • E-Stone

    Honestly, does this look like a next gen game? I don’t think ‘free to play’ games should be put alongside triple a next gen titles. This game could easily be on the PS3. This makes no sense. I know Sony has a hard on for Indie Games but do you really want your next gen system to be stocked with a bunch of mediocre games even if they are free??? Personally, I’m not going to invest in a monthly internet bill, a bill from either Sony or Microsoft for online play, $400 to $500 for the console itself, just to play a bunch of mediocre games like this. Free to play indie games is NOT next gen and should NOT be the selling point for a next gen console.

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