Microsoft Get ‘WARFACE’ On The Xbox One, Before Sony Beats You To It

Crytek still hot on the marketing trail with WARFACE, the free to play multiplayer military FPS is now being courted at Gamescom 2013. Always excited to showcase their CryEngine tech being properly utilized for WARFACE, those in attendance at Gamescom this year are able to actually get their hands on the game and take it for a spin.

Just to let you in on a secret which is not a secret at all, I’m completely making up as I type this, because it only makes since for WARFACE to also land on next-gen consoles to drive market interest for the game, this could be a great opportunity for Microsoft to add more free to play experiences to their Xbox One ecosystem.

Sure, I know I recently wrote an article stating that free to play by definition isn’t actually free to play on Xbox Live due to the paywall. Xbox fans trust that that article was looking out for your best interest. With Microsoft’s showing crazy love with their new ‘Gamers you want it, it yours’ approach to the Xbox One policy changes, I thought, what the heck, lets milk it, right! You get the point, but regardless, for the moment games that you ‘don’t have to pay for’, (yeah lets call it that), behind the paywall of LIVE would indeed add to the Xbox One appeal.

The option to play a fully fleshed out online multiplayer shooter for free does ease the pain of spending $500 big ones. It could also drives back the more affordable urge of the PS4 in light of its healthy list of free to play games at launch. God forbid Sony grabs yet another free to play game, namely WARFACE for the PS4. At the moment it’s difficult to deny that the shooter list for the holidays clearly favors Sony’s well played free to play hand. The option to play Blacklight Retribution, Planetside 2 and Warframe for free in addition to the options of Killzone Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghost, all before January is mighty tempting.

WARFACE on Xbox One just makes sense, at least from my comfortable reclining desk chair. What do you think? Should Microsoft pursue Crytek’s free to play shooter for the Xbox One? Let us know in the comment below after you watch this new WARFACE trailer, enjoy.


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    I HOPE IT COMES OUT FOR XBOX ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zman

    Xbox One is a box of junk…..real gamers have made the switch to PS4. I was an xbox guy until the one came out and Sony flat out spanked microsoft on this one. Who in their right mind would release a new game system with 720p video….Really. Nuf said.

  • Satoru Iwata

    Sony Get ‘WARFACE’ On The PS4, Before Micro$hit Beats You To It And Ruin It On The Low Graphic Xbone

  • I’d be surprised if it didn’t.

  • Loving the thoughtful and mature comments in here. So glad to see the maturity levels of gamers fully intact these days. smh

  • oSHINSAo

    Satoru Iwata… you know this game runs in the cloud right ? your pc doesn’t process this, is like a remote desktop, it all comes to the Bandwidth…

    so, if this already in xbox 360, it will be soon on Xone…

  • Xbox one should get it if it doesn’t then warface sucks

  • AboveCommentsSoLame

    Why isn’t Microsoft putting these games out on the best ever console in the whole universe first (xbox one), never mind the 360, that’s for ancient history gamers too tight to move with the times, y’all need to get on xbox one cos you really don’t know what your missing………………………………. Yes really.

  • Mykey

    Xbox gamers vs ps4 gamers?! Still? Really!!??? By a PC ffs

  • ExistentialOne

    I’m a PS3 user who jumped to the Xbone and I’m loving it. The PS4 is a great console too. but I want to do more than just game. Both are good consoles, but I’m prefering the more mature audience and games on the Xbone over PS4, plus the PS4 exclusives are shit.

  • dude chronic

    actually if devs utilize the cloud server technology properly technically the xbox one is more powerful

  • dude chronic

    forget warface we need gears on the xbone

  • Warface

    It would be real nice if warface comes out on PSN, or atleast crytek should release support for xbox 360 / xbox one gamepads, gameface sucks with keyboard and mouse.

  • HalfEvil

    I’m not getting my hopes up for it to come to Xbox one. But I really hope it does. Hell I would pay to play it on Xbox one. Not counting buying the kredits.

    The only thing I wish they would do is add more than 3 maps at a time in one day like they did on the 360

  • Stewie

    Love it how all you fan boys jump on each others back because if you have an xbox one your not a real gamer dude check the console stats they are pretty much the same beside that there is also the fact xbox user’s get oculus rift and a 4k software update becaus when you really look at it you sony fan boys didnt look into the hardware in the xbox one which has been designed future ready and the ps4 has been designed to be a pure console which is BS if i want something just for gaming and nothing else i would do it right and get a PC fuck you hating on someone for having a different console just talk about the games you like not about how you think your console is better its just plain retarded and childish.

  • theo

    Woord tyd

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