Video Comparison : Killzone Shadow Fall vs Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Video

Now that we’ve been able to get a decent glimpse into the multiplayer offerings of both Battlefield 4 and Killzone Shadow Fall, we’ve decided to place these two juggernauts side-by-side for your viewing pleasure. There should be no debate that these are two of the finest looking launch titles ushering in the next-generation of gaming as both DICE and Guerrilla Games seem to spare no expense in the eye-candy department. Please be aware that due to the video compression of youtube, the visual presentation of both games does take a dip.

Things to consider when looking at this footage for a seemingly fair assessment, the footage of Battlefield 4 is running on a more than capable PC while Killzone Shadow Fall is flexing the muscle of the PS4 hardware. Battlefield 4 is offering 32v32 running 60 FPS @ 1080p while Killzone Shadow Fall is set at 12v12 running 30 FPS @ 1080p (note Guerrilla Games is aiming for 60 FPS for multiplayer).

Based on what is depicted in the this footage, the sound effects and gunplay are stellar in both cases. While Battlefield 4 impresses with its dynamic destructibility and open scale warfare, Killzone Shadow Fall impresses with its dynamic lighting, volumetric smoke and PhysX particle effects.

From what’s being shown so far, which one are you more leaning towards? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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  • shawn

    First off smack yourself in the face for going full retard don’t ever compare such a generic ass game as killzone to the bf series. You have to be smoking crack the killzone franchise is cheap generic boring pos. It’s pathetic they can’t lock down 60fps when bf4 can and the environments are destructible game has vehicles, the only thing that was even remotely decent about killzone is the graphics that’s it. Lets see if the fourth time is a charm for gg cause everything they have made thus far is shit no wonder the dlc is free…

  • Chris Wilson

    Man what douche!

    Killzone 2 is still one of the best online shooter’s I’ve ever played, PERIOD!
    Graphically it looked better than BC2 and Battlefield 3. It actually took skill to be good at the game as well. The clan system is/was the best on any console during it’s hay day. But to say Kz 2 is generic is stupid. I put 1300 hours into that game and it was very tactical.

    Killzone 3 did suck, GG tried making the game more NOOB friendly. The tried copying COD too much. That’s when I turned to BF 3 which is a much better game than 3.

    Shadow Fall and BF 4 is looking very good. I buying both!

  • AmobiuS

    First off shawn you should kill yourself because you sound like a retard. There is literally NOTHING generic about killzone. You clearly dont know what the hell your talking about both killzone 2 and 3 lived up to the hype in not only graphics but gameplay as well. Fucking idiot…

  • orangebionic

    you are clueless kiddo. Killzone introduced the most innovative objective mode in the world of fps- warzone- 7 rounds of separate game modes, each one counting towards main score .What battlefield has to offer? Two game modes- conquest and rush(capture and hold, and destroy objective, essentially) generic and old as whole genre .You make me laugh.

  • Pentorian

    Both of these games look like they’ll be a lot of fun for us to play. I see fantastic visuals with NEW and INNOVATIVE ways to interact within these war zones. In my opinion, do a three-way comparison between Killzone Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4, and Call of Duty Ghost, and it’s Call of Duty Ghost who is lacking in comparison to these two games. They both look amazing. This guy will be buying both.

  • Dan

    God, I want a PS4 so f***ing bad, can’t wait until November! There is so much pent up demand for the new consoles because the previous generation lasted too long, the next gen games look and play amazing, and the only other ‘gaming’ on offer is crappy cheap mobile and tablet games. The next gen consoles are just going to rock.

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