Video Comparison : Call of Duty Ghost vs Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Gameplay Video

With the recent release of the latest Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer gameplay, we’re back at it again to check out the goods in comparison to another uber successful shooter franchise in the form of Call of Duty Ghost. Again, youtube doesn’t quite allow for a true visual representation however, the footage below does reveal a decent multiplayer look at both Call of Duty Ghost and Killzone Shadow Fall in action.

The Call of Duty Ghost footage is taken from the recent multiplayer reveal trailer with every intention of revealing the game in its best light possible since there is a lack of a direct-feed video possible other than what’s presented below.

This will be the first holiday where we see three blockbuster shooters releasing around the same time with Killzone Shadow Fall entering the fray as a PS4 exclusive. We also encourage you to check out our comparison video showcasing the DICE developed Battlefield 4 against Guerrilla Games Killzone Shadow Fall for another next-gen shootout look at the future.

Call of Duty Ghost or Killzone Shadow Fall, let’s us know in the comment section below which shooter has your buying attention at the moment.

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  • Pentorian

    Killzone Shadow Fall looks amazing. My preferred choice of the two, based on visuals, Killzone would be that choice. On the gameplay side, from what I can see, Killzone looks like it brings something new and innovative to the table while COD Ghost appears to be more of the same with minor improvements. For me, if the choice of choosing one or the other for free where ever presented, I think I will ultimately walk away with my free copy of Killzone. That’s just me.

  • Rondo Machete

    It has to be KZSF as COD game play looks like every other COD but with a bit of BF distuction. I’ve heard about the earthquakes and breaking dams,ok good at first but after a short(very short)time it will just get boring and just be part of what’s to come from now on in every COD after that. Oh and let’s not forget quick scoping the one and only thing that KILLED COD for me,I hate that so so much every nob and his mum is using sniper rifles with quick scope,god I hate it. So me it Killzone Shadow Fall all the way…. Please can the world wake up to the fact that COD is the same year after year and until we as a world stop buying it they will never change it.

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