Killzone Shadow Fall Multiplayer Raises The Next-Gen Bar and Popularity After Gamescom Reveal

Lately we’ve been throwing the latest Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer Gamescom footage on the frontlines, facing it off against the industries most sought after shooters. First we placed Guerrilla Games next-gen shooter in a side by side multiplayer gameplay comparison against DICE and their upcoming juggernaut Battlefield 4 and secondly, against Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty Ghost. In both cases, while the footage was brief and compressed, Killzone Shadow Fall fared exceptionally well, clearly winning the hard fought beauty contest argument within the comments of N4G and Youtube. In fact, and with much respect for the success of the Call of Duty franchise, lets just say the next-gen comparison pitting it against Killzone Shadow Fall bordered on the ridiculous, with Call of Duty Ghost seeming unfit for duty

Needless to say, having had the privilege of taking Shadow Fall for a spin, and the gameplay might actually be in great contention of surpassing the games next-gen visuals. It plays that well!

KZWhile the Killzone franchise is well noted for its supportive and loyal fan base, it has never quite grabbed that mainstream fan appeal associated with the likes of Battlefield and Call of Duty. Unique in nature, the Killzone experience has always prided itself on running the shooter race with uncommon flare holding true to the established foundation of originality found in every trigger pull, reload, brutal melee, sense of realism and feel. With the release of Killzone 2, the multiplayer landscape experienced an all-new death dealing affair that was the start of something truly great.

However, the release of Killzone 3, despite the bombastic approach to combat, visceral melees and 3D visuals, much of what made Killzone 2’s multiplyer so compelling, was abandoned, leaving many fans disappointed by the games multiplayer offering, despite the games incredible visuals and satisfying campaign.

Now, approaching the release of the next generation of consoles, with nerves of steel, Guerrilla Games for the first time will be throwing their passion project in the middle of the killzone, literally. Killzone Shadow Fall which launches at the release of the PS4 on November 15th in the US and November 29th in Europe will be vying for living room domination while Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghost will have been recently released as multiplatform titles as well as PS4 launch titles. Yet, this doesn’t seem to matter to the uber confident developers from Amsterdam.

All indications support Killzone Shadow Fall as the best of both multiplayer worlds found in Killzone 2 and 3, with an added dose of gameplay innovation and design. There probably is no better way of stealing some of that FPS thunder than by getting right up in the face your competition and saying “bring it”, and that is exactly what Killzone Shadow Fall is planning to do.

The Evolution of Killzone Multiplayer

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