Destiny Community Thank You – New Video Footage Revealing New Gameplay and Hunter Abilities

Bungie community manager David ‘Deej‘ Dague today shared a tantalizing Destiny Community Thank You video which relives the memorable Destiny moments shared at this year E3 2013 Expo and Gamescom 2013. Showcasing the fanfare excitement drawn up from the games development pedigree found at Bungie, this latest footage also teases some exciting new locales and gameplay action which I’m personally dying to talk about among my cast member of guardians on Guardian Radio.

When presented with the question of which character class I intend on playing as when DESTINY is in my hands between the noble Titan, the mighty Warlock or the stalking Hunter, my answer has always been the same. My destiny will be initially founded on the shoulders of the stalking Hunter. Exo of course.

In this latest video at  :40 sec in, we see what I’m certain is a Hunter atop a large object running just before performing a  sort of teleportation maneuver amidst a visually detailed backdrop.  Again at minute 1:28 as the gameplay reveals an outside combative exchange which of course looks amazing, we eventually see the Hunter once again flexing his or her dexterity, swiftly taking out two enemies single-handed with a sort of dynamic knife thrust. And finally beginning at 1:37 as the Fallen demonstrates his sinister stare, we once again are given more of a taste of what the Hunter is capable of on the battlefield as he or she performs a stylish sliding towards an enemy combatant while pumping them full of lead in epic fashion. For the moment I’ve seen enough to confirming new existence as a Hunter. But don’t kid yourself, like you, Bungie is also driving me batty offering these bare rations of gameplay insight into the world of Destiny.

So let try to be patient and watch this footage about 10 times to get our fill until Bungie decide to toss us another bare yet exciting bone to gnaw on.


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