Sony Reveals The PS Vita TV At TGS Press Conference

As many of you hardcore gamers who watched Sony’s TGS presser remotely already know, Sony has surprisingly revealed their new PS Vita TV device which allows users the ability play their Vita games on their TV among other things.

Measuring in at 6cm by 10cm, the very small device not only allows users to play Vita games on any TV, they can do so while using their dualshock 3 controller. Offering a card slot for Vita games and a memory sticks, it also allows users to stream services like Hulu and more. Interestingly, it will also let you play PS4 games via Remote Play with your dualshock 4 controller as well as let users play against other PS Vita players via Ad Hoc multiplayer. Could you imagine being able to take this smartphone size device with your dualshock 4 controller to a friends house, hotel or anywhere with a TV and wifi connectivity and have full playable access to your digital library of PS4, PS Vita, PSOne and PSP games. Even if your friend doesn’t have a PS4, it would seem as though they did just as long as you and you handy new PS Vita TV device were around. Clever move Sony, very clever.

originaladdIn addition, users will also be able to play classic PSone and PSP titles with the dualshock 3 controller.

PS Vita TV makes it big debut in Japan on November 14th, valued at 9,480 Yen ($95). A bundled version which comes packed with an 8 gig Vita memory card and a DualShock 3 controller, will cost 14,980 ($150). Unfortunately there was no launch window addressed for the US or Europe.

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  • E-Stone

    So if me and a friend or friends, pitched in a bought 1 PS4 and the games to go with it, could we then each buy a PSVita TV and share the games for that one PS4 system remotely amongst ourselves???

  • Based on how Sony currently implements their device sharing features for the PS3, I would assume the same approach would also apply here, meaning, like the PS3, the PS4 could also allow up to 2 to 3 additional user devices to connect to one main device. So if Sony keeps the same approach for this device, there’s a great chance you and a numbers of your friends (2 to 3 more other than yourself) would be able to.

    How this translate to multiplayer games could be tricky. However, it would seem you would need more than one PS4 for online multiplayer, as one PS4 more than likely would not simultaneously synch in parallel multiple online PSN accounts. I believe it is possible but not likely. I would love to be wrong on this one.

    The example was recently given that one household could utilize multiple PS Vita TV devices throughout the house on multiple TV’s enabling users to engage in multiple experiences. Your wife is watching her favorite show on Netflix, but you want jump into Killzone Shadow Fall and your son wants play Batman Arkham Origin Blackgate for the Vita on the tube. So with two additional PS Vita TV’s hooked up to two more TV’s throughout the house, problem solved.

    Again, the above example could in fact hint at your question in some form being a reality. If this eventually becomes a reality Sony will have knocked out multiple birds with one very small and affordable stone.

    – A $95 PS Vita
    – Vita games can now be played on the TV with a controller
    – The answer to multiple device sharing
    – Hello To Sony’s version of Apple TV

    With talks that Sony is quickly approaching deals with cable networks, the timing of the PS Vita TV is rather interesting.

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