ALIEN RAGE: Pre-Order On Steam with 20% Discount, Coming To PSN & Xbox Live This Autumn

CI Games is pleased to announce that their first person sci-fi shooter, Alien Rage, is now available to pre-order from Steam only with a fantastic 20% discount. The game will be out for PC worldwide on September 24th and later this autumn on XBLA and PSN.

With a combination of Gears of War without the sexy cover system, Unreal Tournament without the insane speed of pacing and Shadowgun, Alien Rage takes players through an attractive gunplay experience as they blast their way through Alien forces hell-bent on taking them down. Battling through 14 intense levels, players will encounter an onslaught of enemies and eight heavy-weight bosses that will test players FPS skills to the limit.

Check out the latest gameplay in action:

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