Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zero Aimed At 60 Frames Per Second For Next-Gen Hardware

The first Metal Gear Solid game with an open-world sandbox experience which will be launching for both PS4 and Xbox One will be aimed at 60 frames per second. Speaking with Eurogamer at Toyko Game Show about Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zero, where the game is currently being showcased in demo form, acclaimed game creator Hideo Kojima  explained what gamers should expect from the ambitious new title.

“For current gen we’re aiming at 30 fps and for next-gen it’s 60 fps,”

“This game was originally developed for multiple platforms, multiple devices and multiple generations,”

“Fox Engine was created with the current generation in mind. Maybe with other games that are being created exclusively for next-gen it might look a little behind.” As expected Mr. Kojima expressed the next-gen versions of Ground Zeroes whicl will provide noticeable improvements.

“Of course for the next generation the resolution and the lighting will look much better,” gameplay wise it will be the same – we’re trying to make it as close as possible. The gameplay experience won’t be affected whether it’s next gen or current gen.”. 

This is great new for both the next generation adopters and loyal current gen gamers who might be in a position to invest in next generation hardware when the game is finally released.

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