DESTINY: Bungie’s New Shooter Releasing Spring 2014 – Watch Latest Gameplay Trailer

Bungie has surprised us not with the release of their attractive new gameplay trailer which you must see however, but with the update that Destiny, their upcoming new MMOFPS will come available Spring 2014. We have speculated on our Destiny podcast the potential release window for the game, with opinions ranging from early post-E3 0f 2014 to as late as November 2014. As it seems, we were completely off and I must say in this regard, I’m excited to be wrong.

If you’ve been following the game you know there is much to be excited about as the ambitions surrounding the game are enormous and as Bungie has stated “scary”.

To celebrate this latest update, you can be among the first to blaze a trail through the wild frontiers of Destiny – BUngie also announced today announced that fans who pre-order the game at participating retailers worldwide will get early access to the Destiny Beta, which will include a diverse sampling of major activities featured in the full game. The Beta will begin in early 2014 on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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  • gerald

    it’s gonna be the best game that i’m gonna play in Years.
    It’s something fresh, Borderlands with a halo look.

    Bungie come’s with a fantastic story telling Mmorpg looks like ( or it is a mmorpg )

    I have al ready pre-ordered the game in a store but idk if i get a beta key in a store?

  • Hey Gerald, you may want to check with your local retailer because as of today retailers such as Gamestop are in fact handing out beta codes for the Destiny beta in exchange for Destiny pre-orders.

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