War Thunder: The Upcoming PS4 MMO Reaches 5 Million Users in PC Open Beta In One Year

Today Gaijin Entertainment’s WWII MMO War Thunder has just turned one years old (PC Open Beta) and in that time more than 5 million users have mixed it up in aerial dogfights piloting the most deadly WWII planes in history.  War Thunder has gone from zero to 5,000,000 in one year (PC Open Beta) and they expect to double that this year with the launch of the PS4 version (cross compatible with PC) as well as release an expansion pack called Ground Forces, thereby transforming the landscape of battle from just air, to both land and air.

In one year Gaijin has announced that War Thunder was successfully added to Steam via the Greenlight process, announced the PS4 version of War Thunder, announced the Oculus Rift version of War Thunder and announced PS4/PC cross compatibility.

When the PS4 version of War Thunders which is free-to-play launches with PC cross-compatibility, PS4 players will enter games already jam-packed with players and that’s some exciting news.

Download War Thunder for free from the official website and join in a heated battle to dominate the skies at: http://warthunder.com

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