Hideo Kojima Says Minds Will Be Blown With Incoming New PS4 Announcement

The latest twitter update from developing guru Hideo Kojima reveals there to be a “Shocking and mind blow” announcement revelation coming tomorrow for the PS4.

Using the word phrases of “Shocking & blow your mind” to my estimations could not mean multiplatform related but more of a major PS4 exclusive announcement. Would it really be shocking with our minds blown if Kojima is remaking MGS1 and 2 exclusively for the PS4, not really. It would of course be exciting news but not mind-blowing.

Would it be shocking if MGSV: Ground Zero or Phantom Pain were announced as timed PS4 exclusives, not at all. Sure I may be a tough sell but a timed exclusive update while it would be great news for the Sony loyalists and PS4 market push, that news would not be shocking as Microsoft did it with Mass Effect and does repeatedly with COD DLC updates.

Maybe the fixation on the term ‘shocking’ blinds one from seeing this to be nothing more than a clear example of the hype machine in play. Or maybe I’m pissed off because I can’t figure out what the announcement could be. Either way, tomorrow we will see just blown our minds will be.

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  • XboxOneFan1337QuickScope

    i bet its gonna be sumtin shitty

  • Lol! That’s hilarious! No, seriously, when I read your comment I cracked up bigtime. Of course we hope it’s something of significance giving meaning to the idea of being shockingly blown away. We shall see and have our impressions of the update posted in comprehensive detail.

  • Ryne

    Given the start of his tweet, I don’t see how it isn’t some type of partnership between PS4 and Spike. Maybe a dedicated viewing app? If so, very minimal mind blowing. Let’s all hope for something better.

  • The start of the tweet does damper the possibilities of a shocking update as it is clear Spike TV wants to draw viewers for the announcement. Yet fingers are crossed for anything pleasing to the hearts and minds of gamers.

  • Luke

    Spike TV is where they are going to be airing the ps4 All Access show later this evening.

  • Absolutely! Popular opinion also believes there will be more than just one major announcement coming from the All-Access PS4 reception.

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