The PS4’s Shocking Announcement: Leaked Clue – A Classic Playstation Game In Space?

New information grabbing at clues for tonight’s shocking new PS4 announcement now hints at a game taking place in space. Kevin Pereira co-host of G4’s Attack of the Show has been quoted laying some easter eggs about the announcement.

As of Reddit:

“Just heard Kevin Pereira on the DeathSquad podcast leak some info regarding one of the big surprises tonight. He said it has to do with bringing back one of the biggest Sony exclusives, and has to do with space…I’m drawing blanks, y’all have any ideas what the announcement could be?”

Just off the top of my head I immediately think Zone of Enders 3, maybe? If you have any clues on the matter please share in the comment section below. The Zone of Enders move could be exciting, even more so if actual eye-popping gameplay is shown. Would a Zone of Enders PS4 exclusive be shocking, for the many fans who have awaited its return, sure.

After releasing the original ZOE, Konami released ZOE: The 2nd Runner followed by ZOE: The Fist of Mars for the Game Boy Advance. The series was definitely an amazing experience for its time however, much in the area of re-imagining and overhauling would need to be in order.

It is also important to note that while Hideo Kojima twetted this announcement, it doesn’t necessarily mean the game is a title coming from his development library.



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