Bungie Congratulates Sony’s PS4 Launch With A New DESTINY Trailer

Beginning early 2014 Bungie will begin their new journey with Destiny (asking Bungie, their new journey already began) giving both Playstation and Xbox users a chance to traverse their new universe in all of its beta glory. 

By now this should be old news to you hardcore gamers constantly glued to the latest update however, some may have missed it so this update is definitely for them – Bungie just released their congratulatory new Destiny trailer for the launch of the PS4 telling Sony basically you’re awesome and congrats on your new console launch. So, if you didn’t see the trailer, check it out below:

The conclusion of the trailer supports the confirmation that the Destiny beta will be arriving first on the PS4 and PS3. Just how long will our Xbox One and Xbox 360 gaming buds have to wait for the beta unclear at the moment. Hopefully it’s no longer than a few days or week or so.

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