Hideo Kojima’s Big PS4 Surprise – Not So Mind-Blowing

So after all the hype of a mind-blowing and shocking PS4 reveal during the All-Access PS4 launch event, it came to be nothing more than an underwhelming reveal that Hideo Kojima is bringing exclusive content of MGSV: Ground Zero codenamed DeJaVu to the PS4.

Not to appear as though the launch event wasn’t a success, Geoff Keighley sat down with the top dogs (pun intended) from Naughty Dog as they revealed a new campaign DLC for The Last of Us starring Ellie and another young female character to which we are definitely excited about that. However, more importantly Naughty Dog also teased us with an Uncharted 4 teaser trailer for the PS4 which was only named Uncharted. Nothing of real significance was shown in the trailer, but the confirmed knowledge that it is in fact on the way is more than enough for the launch of the PS4.

With the VGA’s happening in early December we should have more nuggets surrounding Nathan Drake’s next adventure soon enough.

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