Gran Turismo 7: Arriving on The PS4 “Next Year” Says Developer

Speaking with Top Gear from the BBC network in a recent interview, Gran Turismo mastermind Kazunori Yamauchi shed some exciting light on the next iteration of his popular driving franchise.

“We don’t want to take too long on Gran Turismo 7,”“Best-case scenario? Next year. In GT6 we really had to tune the software 100 per cent to maximise the PS3’s architecture, but of course the PS4’s hardware is much better, so I think the overall quality of the game across the board will be boosted when you come to play it”.

When asked about his concerns of the competition in the form of the FORZA series Yamauchi was more than humble and gracious,

“We always respect our competition,” he says. “The racing genre isn’t really that big in its entirety, so I’m glad that everyone works hard to boost the genre as a whole.”

Looking at the Polyphony Digital development track record and all signs point at Gran Turismo 7 for the PS4 arrival no sooner than 2015. Gran Turismo 4, one of the best titles in the series released in the US in 2004 while Gran Turismo 5 finally arrived in 2010. The next title in the series Gran Turismo 6 arrives this December for the PS3.

However, as the development community has frequently expressed, the development efforts with the PS4 yields an extraordinary level of simplicity with almost unlimited horsepower assisting with fully realizing development ambitions. Meaning, Gran Turismo 7 could very well become a 2014 release title dependent on the Polyphony Digital dev team aspirations.

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