‘Release the Ninja’ Allows You to Uncage Your Inner Banzai Rage on iOS and Android

Arkadium, creators of the largest library of casual games in the world, today announces it has unleashed a killer game with Release the Ninja, an action packed game perfect for players of any skill level. The game invites players to bust out their ninja skills and free the monks’ tower.  Release the Ninja is the first mobile game of its kind, using responsive gesture platform controls.  Unlike most platformers that require a set of control buttons, this gaming experience responds to a player’s actual touch gestures, so there is no need for virtual controls.  The game is now available for free in the App Store (http://bit.ly/ReleaseTheNinjaiOS), Google Play (http://bit.ly/ReleaseTheNinjaAndroid), and the Amazon Appstore for Android (http://bit.ly/ReleaseTheNinjaAmazon).

“The anger management issues from a ninja, who has been confined to a cage for over 300 years, provides players with the perfect storm for releasing their daily tensions in a fun and interactive way,” said Stephen Jarrett, VP of Game Design at Arkadium.  “The best part is, players can finally forget those annoying on-screen buttons or virtual joysticks and actually use the touch screen the way it was meant to.  We hope everyone will get in touch with their inner ninja with this game.”

Available for free in the iOS and Google Play App Stores, Release the Ninja offers players 60+ levels full of puzzles, booby traps and evil ghosts.  They must unleash their rage to defeat challenges and free the monks’ tower from ghosts using break out ghost-slashing weapons.

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