PS4 off to a Great Live Streaming Start Across Twitch and Ustream

Who said video gaming streaming via your next-generation console was for the birds? Since the launch of the PS4 in the US, Sony’s next-gen device has been responsible for 10% of all Twitch TV Live streaming performed since November 15. Looking at other PS4 influences of streaming, more than 20 million minutes of PS4 footage has been streamed since its US launch across both Twitch and Ustream, totaling 38 years of streaming gameplay.

As broken down by IGN, this amounts to more than 800,000 gameplay broadcasts and 7.1 million spectate sessions. More on the Ustream side of the coin, the average PS4 broadcast on Ustream is over 30 minutes and the addition of the ‘Share Option’ has been accessed over 10.9 million times and counting…

Thanks IGN

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