Killzone Shadow Fall Becomes The Fastest Selling Next-Gen Exclusive With Already One Million Sold

As of December 17th when the PS4 launched in Korea, Killzone Shadow Fall reached the 1 million sold milestone worldwide according to the NPD, GFK and independent trackers in Asia and Western Europe. As a Sony first party exclusive shooter, the games attachment rate has been through the roof with the PS4’s current user base.

InsiderP has confirmed that around 27% of the sales were from bundles. It is also important to note that the 1 million copies sold to PS4 users does not include digital download copies sold to users who accessed the game via PSN. This makes Killzone Shadow Fall the highest selling exclusive title for the new generation of consoles.

However, Capcom’s Xbox One exclusive, Dead Rising 3 has also made some impressive noise registering over 600k copies sold making it currently the best selling Xbox One exclusive since the system launched November 22nd.

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  • E-Stone

    Let’s dig a little deeper here. Considering most PS4 gamers I know personally have admitted without hesitation there is not a lot to play on the PS4 as far as triple A exclusives so it’s obvious why KillZone: Shadowfall has sold so many copies, nothing else to chose from. While the Xbox One has a little more variety with Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, Ryse Son of Rome, and Killer Instinct.
    Is this to say Killzone is not a good game, no way, but when gamers are starved for a 1st party game and there is only 1 to choose from, well…..

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