Sony Has Sold 4 Million PS4’s As of December 28th

More news on the Sony front coming out of CES 2014 – With the recent update reveal of Playstation Now, Sony’s exciting new software streaming service arriving this summer, Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment’s CEO also shed some light on the PS4, detailing the systems market share influence.

House revealed that the PS4 has already sold over 4.2 million units as of December 28th. Prior to the systems launch, Sony revealed their market share target, with 5 million sold by March 2014 as the milestone. Prior to entering the new year and Sony is well on their way to shattering their own expectations. It is also important to note that Sony has yet launch the PS4 in their native territory of Japan which based on pre-orders is positioned to be another feeding frenzy.

As of December 31, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One reached 3 million consoles sold . Based on Sony’s PS4 update they seem to have more than a million consoles sold advantage over Microsoft however, at the additional $100 asking price for the Xbox One, it safe to say Microsoft is also in a great position with their new system at the moment as well.

Nevertheless, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has come out the gate on fire with Nintendo’s Wii U platform dead in their sights. The Wii U which launched holiday 2013 is currently sitting at around 6 million sold. At the pace in which PS4’s and Xbox One’s are selling, Nintendo will more than likely find themselves looking at the rear bumper of the next-gen hardware competition sooner than expected.

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