Titanfall Offering A Max Player Count of 6V6…Does it Matter?

According to a recent tweet from Respawn Entertainment Studio head Vince Zampella, Titanfall will launch with a maximum player count of 6v6. Why you ask, well as the tweet below indicates, this seems to offer the best balancing act for the games AI.

Watching some of the games impressive gameplay footage reveals there to be more than 12 players in a match, to which you would be correct as it seems Respawn plans to incorporate AI controlled bots. Apparently the AI will be used in building the games atmosphere adding to the greater conflict which will be happening all around the 6v6 players during a given match. In addition, AI bots will take damage when fired upon as well as place you in their sights.

While 6v6 does seem like a very small max number player count for a next-gen shooter with this much hype, Titanfall is being advertised as a hybrid multiplayer/campaign experience, offering a form of story narrative to the multipalayer conflict and from what we’ve seen, 6v6 might just be the perfect balancing act you might soon grow to love.

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  • Emanuel

    It pays to be a veteran of video games. Will 6v6 be a detriment to Titan Fall??? NO!


    Those of us who had the honor of playing Mech Assault on the first Xbox know very well 6 vs 6 is no problem.

    Mech Assault was 4 v 4 if i’m not mistaken and it was simply amazing. As a matter of fact, many Mech Assault fans still to this day which for Microsoft to remake that game.

    Titan Fall will be just fine at 6 vs 6

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