Unity Tools Released To The Public For PS Vita Development

Ever wanted to develop for the PS Vita utilizing a more simplified development tool, now you can.

Back in March 2013, the Unity partnership with Sony based on support for every single one of SCE’s PlayStation platforms was announced and today with the Unity 4.3 update, Unity development for the PS Vita has gone live to the public.

Developers with a licensed developer agreement from SCE for PS Vita will now be able to deploy their game to PS Vita via the Unity engine and make use of platform-specific functionality including:

Motion sensors
Front and rear cameras
Dual analog sticks
Rear Touch pad

Furthermore, Unity for PS Vita will enable you to integrate the full suite of PSN features into your game, including Trophies, Friends and Matching functionality into your game. As with all the other platforms supported by Unity, Unity for PS Vita allows you to develop your game once, without rewriting the code from scratch; simply build and run it on your PS Vita devkit. Not only that, you can now create both 2D and 3D games with Unity 4.3, animate almost anything with the native animation system Mecanim, and implement very cool graphics. And all of it can be run directly on your PS Vita devkit for quick iteration. Why don’t you head over to the release notes and take a look?

Zoink! has just released their new game “Stick It To The Man” developed in Unity for both PS3 and PS Vita. The game has already been very well received. Check out their game at their website http://www.stickitgame.com/ to see what it is all about.

To become a licensed developer for PS Vita please visit the SCE company registration site (https://www.companyregistration.playstation.com).

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