DC Universe Online: Next DLC Update Launching Jan 28 – Watch New Action Trailer Inside

DC Universe Online’s upcoming DLC, War of the Light Part I, will officially be released on Tuesday, January 28, with Legendary members gaining early access to the latest content the week of January 20.

War of the Light Part 1 introduces the Blue Lantern Corps into the game as well as an all-new power set — Rage. Rage is the game’s 12th Power Set and can be utilized for both good and evil.

To give you sneak peek of the tank/damage power in action, the DCUO team has released an all-new trailer featuring Rage below:

War of the Light Part I will feature:

• New Rage Power

• New 4-Player Operations that focuses on uncovering the origin of mysterious colored mists in a reimagined Metropolis, as well as Mogo and Ranx

• New 8-Player Operation that takes place on Mogo and Ranx

• New Legends PvP Characters – Atrocitus & Saint Walker

• New Lantern-inspired Gear

• New Feats and Collections

The DLC will be available as a free download for the game’s Legendary members and available for purchase by Free and Premium players via the PlayStationNetwork, the in-game

Marketplace, or via the DCUniverseOnline.com website for PC players.

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