Outlast: PS4 Trophy List Revealed Before February 5th Launch

Come February the horror thriller Outlast is landing on the PS4 as a free PlayStation Plus title, so we advice that if you scare easy you may want to play the game during the day with the lights on, such cowards. In the meantime Sony has listed the games official and full  trophy list. has just popped up online.

Be sure to watch the Outlast PS4 gameplay action if you need convincing.

Outlast PS4 trophy list:


  • Illuminated – Restore power to the Administrative Block
  • Flushed – Drain the Sewers
  • Soaked – Activate the sprinklers in the Male Ward
  • Emancipated – Collect the key in the Female Ward


  • Educated – Collect 15 documents and complete 15 recordings
  • Punished – Finish the game


  • Pulitzer – Collect all documents and complete all recordings
  • Lunatic – Finish the game in Insane mode

Will you be picking up Outlast? Let us know below.

Thanks OPM.

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