Killzone Shadow Fall Has Already Exceeded 2.1 Million Copies Sold

First free Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer maps-n2g-1
Sony officially announces that their flagship next-generation shooter Killzone Shadow Fall has exceeded 2.1 million copies sold worldwide since releasing with the launch of the PS4 on November 15, 2013. As an exclusive title for the 2.5 month old Playstation 4, Killzone Shadow Fall has managed to shift almost a million copies each month the PS4 has been on the market.

Killzone Shadow Fall is the fourth game in the series for the Playstation living-room consoles alongside the two additional titles on the PSP and PS Via in the form of Killzone: Liberation and Killzone: Mercenary respectively.

With the PS4 launching in Japan next month, Guerrilla Games is certainly not done spreading the Killzone Shadow Fall love. For more on Killzone Shadow Fall read our full written review.


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