Sony Re-Introducing Nariko Before New PS4 Game With Heavenly Sword Movie?

annatorv-nariko1In association with Sony Worldwide Studios, Blockade Entertainment is bringing an eye-pleasing Heavenly Sword movie adaptation to the big screen. The exclusive new movie trailer can be viewed here.

As a huge fan of the interactive PS3 title, I have longed for Sony to somehow bring back Nariko and continue her stylish and compelling story. This latest movie trailer seems to be an original look at the PS3 title featuring key characters such as King Bohan, Kai and Roach (King Bohan’s son) and returning with her sultry voice over acting for Nariko is the beautiful Anna Torv which you may recognize from the popular FRINGE TV series.

While the uber talented Andy Serkis brought the PS3 version of King Bohan to life, movie viewers will be in the more than capable hands of Alfred Molina as the diabolical king. The movie will be directed by Gun Ho Jang.

For years now fans have been begging for the sophmore story of Nariko, however it has been over 7 years since gamers were graced by her presence. Could this be Sony’s way of re-introducing Nariko to not only her fans but newcomers alike. It sure feels like the right approach.

If I can be more speculative, I would say Playstation users should be on the look out for an impressive Heavenly Sword sequel game preview reveal at the conclusion of the new movie.

What are your thought?

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  • Kamille

    I’ve seen fan-made trailers that look way better than that awful thing I just watched… Like seriously, why is Sony wasting money that they don’t have on that crap? -___-

  • Matt

    I loved it! SONY is finally making their IP’s cross-enterteinment this is so awesome! We need PlayStation TV Channel on the PS4 with series, animated series, movies and animes of their games!’

    Really hope they would do Gravity Rush anime, inFamous series, Uncharted Movie and Sly Cooper animated series!

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