The Order: 1886 – Watch The First Gameplay Footage and The New ‘The Pledge’ Trailer Inside

While Sony today has released their latest The Order: 1886 trailer known as ‘The Pledge’, another, rather leaked video footage of the game was also placed across the net revealing some of the games stylish gameplay and gunplay. The Order: 1886 has been confirmed to perform at a resolution of 1080p at a steady 30 frames per second as a PS4 exclusive. Based on this early build footage, it seem obvious that developer Ready At Dawn plans to blend a seamlessly cinematic theme to the gameplay. The footage below conveys the feeling that you’re literally playing a high quality CG movie throughout its entirety.

The Order: 1886 – New Gameplay Footage Revealed:

The Order: 1886 – Watch ‘The Pledge’ Trailer

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  • E-Stone

    Okay, I’m afraid I have to play the role as devil’s advocate after seeing this video in light of the biased hate that was thrown towards Ryse: Son of Rome. I am thoroughly convinced the media at large is Sony biased, just my opinion. Why?
    Take a look at this video, did you notice the quick time events? Did you notice any repetitiveness ala run behind cover and shoot rinse and repeat.
    The very same elements that Ryse: Son of Rome was shamed for are all throughout this video clip and more then likely the game itself.
    I can hear it now amongst the Sony fateful, who usually overhype any and all games the come out on the Playstation. I can hear them totally ignoring the simple game play and piss their pants solely because of the graphics and further cement their fanboy war against the Xbox.
    Based on what i’ve seen of the Order: 1886 It looks very good but I don’t know if as good as Ryse but don’t worry I will create a video of both games in a side by side comparison just to reveal the hypocrisy of a lot of Sony fanboys. This is going to be fun.
    On a final note- why isn’t this game running at 60fps???!!!

  • E-Stone

    I’m also waiting for a few more games to drop to show why Gears of War was a major milestone in video game history graphically and how current games on next gen machines pale in comparison, unless something comes out that set the bar higher….

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