Daylight: The PS4 Console Exclusive Receives Price and Launch Date – New Images Inside

The PS4 console exclusive known as Daylight from Zombie Studios the team that brought us Blacklight Retribution has finally release a date and price tag for the upcoming title. According to hard working insider at Dualshockers Daylight which is being published by ATLUS will launch on April 8th for PS4 and PC for $14.99 and in Europe for €14.99/£11.99.

Zombie studios has been rather hush hush about the project, fortunately we were able to pick their brains a bit for an insightful preview update which we’ll be bringing to you in our March issue of Game Insider magazine. In the meantime ATLUS has was also generous enough to lavish of with some impressive screenshots which you can view below.

[nggallery id=9]

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