Blacklight: Retribution – The PS4 Gets New Maps and Game Modes Starting Today

Today Zombie Studios has announced their next patch for Blacklight: Retribution for the PS4. What should be exciting for PS4 users is the update goes live today Thursdays February 27th. Included in the new update will be the introduction of the new game co-op game mode Onslaught which pits four Blacklight Agents against an endless horde of infected.

In addition, new multiplayer maps; Decay and Metro are both included for you to play on. Private matches supported by private servers have also been added to the mix so you can set up matches for just you and your friend so you can play the way you want, with who you want.

Be sure to shoot me a friends request via PSN to ShadoSpawn. I’ll see you guys and gals in the trenches. Head on over to the Playstation Blog for more on this latest Blacklight: Retribution update. 

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