Murdered: Soul Suspect Gets A Release Date and Price Tag

Square Enix has confirmed that their supernatural detective thriller Murdered: Soul Suspect will go on sale in North America June 3rd, 2014. Outside of the Americas, Murdered: Soul Suspect will go on sale June 6th, 2014.

Square Enix also announced US customers who preorder Murdered: Soul Suspect from select retailers will receive an interactive digital strategy map. The map, accessible via computer or tablet, will help players unearth all of Salem’s secrets, including the location of hundreds of in-game items including quest givers, collectibles, and Easter Eggs.

Murdered: Soul Suspect will release June 3rd in North America on the following platforms:

PS4 ($59.99)
Xbox One ($59.99)
Windows PC ($49.99)
PS3 ($49.99)
Xbox 360 ($49.99)

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