God of War III Director No Longer With Sony Santa Monica

Stig-Kratos-Blog1According to a recent post and follow up update from IGN, it has been confirmed that Stig Asmussen, the brilliant game director of God of War III which is arguably considered the best game in the series is no longer with the studio.

Stig who has been with the studio ever since leaving Midway has been a major contributor the popular God of War franchise from the beginning. We learned a while ago that Cory Barlog, the talented God of War II director has made his return back to Sony Santa Monica Studios and is said to be potentially working on a new PS4 title with speculation hinting at a new God of War title, a new Heavenly Sword title or a completely new IP all together.

At the moment we have no idea where Stig will be taking his game developing skill sets next, yet we’re certain whoever lands him will have a more than valued talent on their hands. Just to poke more at the idea of speculation, with the recent departure of Amy Hennig from Naugthy Dog and now Stig from Sony Santa Monica, could we see a new development company taking shape? Yes, I know I’m reaching here however, this would certainly be one impressive dynamic duo.

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