Hellraid: The Escape – New Mobile Action-Adventure Announced For iOS – Watch the New Trailer

Shortbreak Studios has announced Hellraid: The Escape, an action-adventure game for the iOS devices. Hellraid: The Escape is being developed in close cooperation with Techland, the creators of Dying Light, Dead Island and the Call of Juarez series. Techland is also the developer of Hellraid, the first-person co-op slasher game to be released on PC and consoles.

In Hellraid: The Escape, a sorcerer obsessed with the dark arts has trapped your soul in a magical prison guarded by demonic creatures. Why are you there? Who are you and why can’t you remember your name? Can you really be the one to stop the demon invasion of the human world? To find the answers, you must first escape from a dimension of agony hung somewhere beyond time.

Hellraid: The Escape will be released in the App Store on May 15th 2014 for $2.99 / €2,49.

Check out the latest trailer footage for iOS:

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