Killzone Mercenary: ‘Botzone Soldier Training Pack’ Available Today For PS Vita

Recently PS Vita users were graced with two new multiplayer maps for Killzone Mercenary, now Guerrilla Cambridge  is delivering a new offline multiplayer experience for all of the games 8 multiplayer maps. Introducing the ‘Botzone Soldier Training Pack’, giving users the option to play offline in Mercenary or Guerrilla Warfare modes, against up to 7 AI soldiers. As the Playstation blog points out, users have control over the number of teammates and enemies joining them in battle.

Team modes offers the luxury of picking your compatriots and foes: play with 3 against 1 for a quick kill, or go brave and take on an entire team of bots alone.

Killzone Mercenary Botzone brings new skills to the series’ traditionally strong AI bot experience: Vanguard usage, zip line navigation, interrogations, rescues, capsule hacking, and valour card collection are all behaviors unique to the game and our AI is going to challenge you with all of them. Not only that, but our cunning bots will also be using many of the game’s diverse loadouts to stop you in your tracks.

New update fixes have also been added – the update will be mandatory for anyone wishing to play online multiplayer, with 23 MB required on the memory card to download it (549 MB if you’ve not downloaded our previous updates). Title updates will be made available today along with the Botzone Soldier Training Pack in the PS Store.

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