*Updated: A New Unreal Tournament In Development At Epic Games Confirmed

Epic Games has confirmed that they are in fact developing a new Unreal Tournament title which will be free-to-play. Community manager Stacey Conley stated – “We are making a new Unreal Tournament”. This new competitive shooter will also include future content update and for those who despise microtransactions need not worry, as the game will not have any.

*Updated – Upon further insight the new Unreal Tournament coming from Epic Games is not a free-to-play title but a free game altoghter. We apologize for any confusion.

Adding to the established Unreal Tournament series this new title is currently planned for Windows, Mac and Linux at the moment. With so many PC games making their way to Sony’s next-gen platform in the form of the PS4, there is no word on whether this next-gen shooter will be gracing the PS4.

Unique to this new Unreal Tournament experience, Epic will enable users to create user-generated content such as the creation of maps, weapons, and near total-conversions and put them up in the marketplace. Users will have the option of selling their content or give it away. All the Epic-creations content will be free of course.

Hopefully we’ll have more on this Unreal Engine 4 developed shooter during E3.

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