Far Cry 4 Releasing Holiday 2014 Coming To PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

Without any preconceived notices Ubisoft announces the arrival of Far Cry 4 which will release this year on November 18 in the US and November 20 in EMEA territories. Of course with the grand success of Far Cry 3, this announcement was just a matter of time and now fans will be able to jump into the new experience this holiday. Far Cry 4 will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

According to the official Ubisoft blog, Far Cry 4 takes place on the island jungles of Kyrat. Similar to the untamed islands of Far Cry 3 with the demented Vaas hot our trail, this new adventure finds you neck deep in unknown territory ruled by the self-appointed king.

“Following the success of Far Cry 3, we wanted to take the franchise to the next level and create a game that will surprise players and exceed fans’ expectations,” said Dan Hay, Executive Producer. “Given the unique setting, we feel Far Cry 4 will stand out as a top first-person shooter and we’re eager to reveal more about the game in the coming months.”

We’ll have more details on Far Cry 4 as updates come our way directly from E3 next month.

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